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#2 – The city that never sleeps


New York is like the bottom of a milo glass. All the good stuff is under the grey, diluted sky. That probably sounds a tad too metaphorical but it’s how i like to think. I think the value of handwriting is under-rated and life is so much more exciting when described visually and allegorically.

I’ve never experienced a climate quite so cold being in New York at Christmas time. I appreciate the value and beauty of lights and admire its colours and rythems. It could be 8pm yet Time Square would seem as if a bright noon. Im not an excessively large drinker, but being nineteen in the U.S is only tempting me becuase I can’t. We always want what we can’t have right?

Everyone seems to always be in a hurry. It’s heads down, black briefcases, woollen brimmed beanies, pressed suits and every man for himself.  Central Park, Manhattan, is the pinnacle for myself. Its simplicity is intricate and it’s intricacy is blissful. The ‘big apple’ is all about instant reactions, making an impression and Starbucks coffee shops. Even though I prefer a relaxed and beachside life style, the excitement New York entails is priceless and unique and the best way to fit in is to stand out.


#1- welcome


I don’t like to read over my writing. So no grammar police please. The more raw it is, the more real my thoughts are and the more relatable it is for a reader. I’m not sure how far this will go or how many people, if any, will read this.

I hope to give people a deeper understanding and more colourful view on life, emotions, circumstances and places. I have a very analytical and abstract yet fun mind frame but sometimes it’s too complicated for me to comprehend myself. Writing it down makes is that much clearer for me. I’m excited to share this with people, even if its only the internet rebounding my blogs back me and me only. It’ll be a boomerang effect for myself at least:)