Monthly Archives: February 2015



If something greater should ever reach our world, I want to be standing at the edge of the lake where it meets. I dream to be blazed from the spellbinding smoke drifting off the water. Interstellar beams illuminating the golden lake will reflect out of reach magic. The disjointed puzzle of sky rise branches scope the light. This focuses the rays into the water and kindles its grace. Surrounding grassland naturally indulge in the smoke and will balance my stance when I witness this magic.



Kurth Kiln


It’s crazy how being in the middle of nowhere can make you feel so independently large and adventurous yet small and lost between the paper oaks. The natural or manmade engravings of a tree trunk characterise the surrounding land. The leafy dirt tracks with no visible endings not only guide a journey but is the fencing to nature’s home. The spreading canopy of green above seems so distant yet intimately sheltering. The regrowth of fauna illuminates the scorched trunks and despite the rain, the smell of burning lingers. The mosaic of branches above leaves me mute and bewildered. Mother nature’s sanctuary of sun-dappled leaves, placid droplets and alpine oaks stands still and tranquil for life to admire, inhabit and appreciate.